June 21st, 2013 | Chris Lloyd

A Few Notes on the “Facebook Benchmark Report”

SalesForce Marketing Cloud has collected and compiled data into a report they have called “The Facebook Benchmark Report”. This report outlines the advertising effectiveness done within the social network in relation to location, industry, and other variables.

A few interesting points made in the report:

— Sponsored ads generate 13.7 % more likes compared to organic posts on Facebook.

— Industry also makes a large difference. For example, general retail has a page like rate of .108% (one of the highest in the report), while food and beverage has a much lower average page like rate of .031%

— Lastly, location makes a huge impact. Between the United States and Canada, while page likes cost 2 times more in Canada than they do in the US, they still have a 30% lower page like rate.

To define benchmarks for your business, download the Facebook Benchmark Report here


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