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Account Director

Account Director

Job Description

The Account Director is responsible for being the client’s advocate within the agency while simultaneously running a successful account (business) within the agency. The Account Director acts as the client’s strategic advisor and they lead the development of new opportunities to help grow the client business. As a senior agency team member, the Account Director works with internal teams to mentor and develop team members.

This positions requires someone who is:

  • Outgoing
  • Creative and curious
  • Technology-interested
  • Thick-skinned and apolitical
  • Almost always positive in attitude

Key responsibility

In addition to general management responsibilities, the Account Director will manage at least two of our agency’s largest and most important clients, leading overall account direction and the internal team. They are responsible for the delivery of work that meets the client’s needs and addresses the client’s business problems, ultimately ensuring client satisfaction.

Specific responsibilities

  • Establish strong partnerships with client management at all levels to drive client satisfaction
  • Analysis of information and data to uncover strategic insights and present business recommendations
  • Identification of risks/opportunities in agency/client relationship
  • Growth of agency revenue from clients
  • Profitability AND high quality work
  • Mentorship and development of agency team members

Ideal qualities and skills

  • Solid knowledge of both digital and traditional marketing within an agency account management environment
  • Experience with media advertising in both traditional and digital environments
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Solid analytical skills
  • Positive outlook and inspiring leadership style
  • Exceptional interpersonal, relationship building and leadership skills – people must want to work with you, respect you and follow your lead

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