June 25th, 2013 | Chris Lloyd

Why Only 16% of Your Facebook Marketing Efforts are Seen


Want to cultivate more fans on your brands Facebook page? Of course you do. But before you dive in to spending every waking moment in your admin panel, there are a few things you should know:

First, most of what you’re doing on Facebook is complete waste of time. We don’t mean to be rude, but 96% of fans don’t go back to a page once they have clicked “like”.

This is why the Facebook newsfeed is your most valuable platform on the network, and even so, on average only 16% of your fans will ever see your posts.

You might be feeling at a loss right now, but once you get a handle on Facebook’s new algorithm “Edgerank”, you’ll be able to understand and execute your Facebook marketing plans with a much higher success rate.

Simply put, Edgerank is an algorithm that determines whether or not your fans will see your post.

There are three variables when it comes to the algorithm:

Affinity, the strength of the relationship between the viewer and the brand. More interaction from the viewer, the higher the score.

Weight, based on the content of your posts. Photos and videos get the highest scores. Links are next, followed by plain text.

And time-decay, which is all about how frequently you post. Post a lot and your time score goes up.

So how do you utilize the network to the best of your ability while keeping the algorithm in mind?

–Make your posts visual. Better yet, make some videos.
–Include links. Ask questions.
–Keep posts short (250 words or less).
–Post a lot, keep it consistent, and keep it relevant.

To learn more about Facebook’s Edgerank, check out this infographic from Post Rocket:



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