March 20th, 2014 | Chris Lloyd

“Facebook Zero” means you need a new strategy

“Facebook Zero” should represent a very real shift in your social strategy.

“Facebook zero” is a term we first heard on the Social@ogilvy blog. No, it’s not a low-calorie version of Facebook. It’s a term they use to represent a point in the future when 0 people see posts from your Facebook brand page. That’s right, 0% organic reach.

How’s that possible?

Facebook has gradually been altering their algorithm to include less clutter in newsfeeds. Posts from branded pages have been heavily dinged in that algorithm so they are shown less and less often, now almost not at all. As of 3/14/14 pages with more than 500k fans are currently only showing up to about 2% of their fans. Those of us with more modest numbers are still only reaching about 6% of our hard earned fans each time we post.

Surprising no? Perhaps even a little hard to stomach for those who have spent heavily on fan generation in the past and banking on reaching those fans in the future. Maybe even a little discouraging for those who are investing heavily on the generation of content.

Not all is lost but Facebook Zero should represent a very real shift in your social strategy.

In the world of Facebook zero fans of course still have value. They are responsible for any incremental (viral) lift you achieve. Facebook is and will remain an important community. However, paid now begets earned media. Likes, and reposts will still be free and will expand your message, but to reach them in the first place now requires a paid placement

What to do now? Generally, it ups the ante on that quality of that content. It means getting selective about what you promote and developing content that is more compelling, meaningful and worthwhile if you’re going to put media dollars into something. it also means getting a lot smarter about how you’re buying that media. Targeting, measurement and optimization become a necessary set of skills when entering the paid game.

Yep, without paid promotion this post reached only 6 of every 100 fans, hopefully you like it.


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