May 20th, 2013 | Chris Lloyd

Hey, by the numbers. A quantitative look at us.

38 | months in business

2 | number of employees in 2009

14 | number of employees in 2013

62 | number of videos produced to date

1 | number of 70s teen idols from “Eight is Enough” we’ve worked with

1440 | shots taken for recent stop motion commercials

14 | Bainbridge Island ferry arrivals we see through our windows every day

5 | number of projects incorporating responsive design

5 | number of advertising awards won this year so far

1 | number of Webby Awards on the shelf

7 | number of Effies (the award for work that works) on our shelves

77 | average temperature in our steam-heated office in mid January

4 | number of campaigns created for Facebook

10 of 17 | number of employees who’ve stopped using the term mobile now that everything is mobile

47 | average sheets of paper used weekly to print comps for digital ideas

3 | average quarters per day in the swear jar


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