June 20th, 2013 | Chris Lloyd

Native Advertising: Savvy Content Marketing Strategy or Manipulative and Deceptive?

“Native” advertising is a hot topic lately. Media Post has said that “for the foreseeable future [native advertising] is the next major online type ad”.

AdWeek has also stated that “pretty much everyone is doing native ads now”, which is why Facebook, Google and the Interactive Ad Bureau are all reacting by creating native ad standards.(read more)

But, as advertisers are looking to engage their audience with a more integrated content marketing approach, some are calling native ads deceptive.

In their article explaining their take on why native advertising is “bad news“, Digiday claims that the approach confuses the source of the sponsorship.

As advertisers look for new ways to engage the continually shortening attention spans of their audiences, do they compromise their own integrity?


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