CBT Nuggets Website

Client: CBT Nuggets

Tags: Web/Mobile, Print/Design

Project: Web Design for Flow and Conversion

Hey, brought its marketing expertise, graphic and UI design skills in to reimagine how an IT pro would use the site and create the easiest paths to conversion. The improvements have increased CBT Nuggets site’s conversion rates by more than 100%. An online ad program created on Google’s Ad Network and AdWords ads finds users seeking specific kinds of IT training and takes them to corresponding landing environments, providing a powerfully relevant start down the path to conversion.

CBT Nuggets, an online training resource for IT pros, provides a library of over 5000 videos on every IT subject imaginable. While the videos and training style are highly regarded in the industry for their ease of use and simplicity, the site was anything but simple to use.

increased conversion rates by more than 100%