The Everett Clinic
Brand Awareness

The Everett Clinic, a provider of primary and specialty care in the North Puget Sound region, is expanding its footprint into more communities. At the same time, recent healthcare mergers have resulted in a number of larger competitors in the area, with deeper pockets. With much of the competition based outside the market, the time was right to highlight The Everett Clinic’s position as a community asset, devoted to the health of our region.

With nearly every competitor messaging some variation on the “we care” cliché in healthcare advertising, we decided to zag with an idea that doesn’t just say “we care”, it demonstrates it.
To help The Everett Clinic generate brand awareness as they expand and open new clinics, we created a campaign that breaks through the clutter by using contextual media placements to deliver relevant, actionable health advice to people right where they can use it.

“We’re Here for Your Health” is a campaign in the public service tradition, offering quick bits of good advice to help people stay healthy. Instead of a traditional branding campaign that would be all about us and how much “we care,” we turned it around to make it all about the people we serve, showing rather than telling them how much we really do care.