The Gill Foundation
LGBT rights project

When this campaign was created, a gay person could be fired, in 36 states, just for being gay. With a large majority of Americans (more than 80%) agreeing that workplace anti-discrimination laws should be extended to LGBT folks, we set out to get those legal protections enacted at a state and federal level. Created on behalf of the Gill Foundation, we worked with a documentary team and set out to recruit some heroes who would be willing to risk their careers to make a bold choice for the sake of progress: coming out at work.

A guerilla/print concept that hijacked the 'Help Wanted' section generated controversy and its intended effect. Full-page newspaper executions worked in tandem to bring home the point that freedom from discrimination on the job is a civil right we all deserve. The powerful campaign played a role in creating public pressure to enact protections for LGBT people in 9 more states. It won a Clio, a Cannes Lion and a Gold Effie for effectiveness.

new laws were enacted in nine states