spicy chicken event

Spicy isn’t an attribute usually associated with McDonald’s. The golden arches, always eager to keep up with what their customers want, hit on a delicious new flavor profile with their Spicy Chicken Sandwich and they were eager to make the biggest impression possible. They all scoffed when we came up with this idea. The heroes at the Fire Department are too busy with the public’s safety to sign up for this, they said. But this wouldn’t be the first or last time an idea was met with skepticism. Plus, we figured that fire fighters are natural attention whores (just look at all those shirtless calendars).

So we used our influence in the halls of power to bring out a couple of off duty hunks and a retired ladder truck to spray down the king sized billboard. High traffic times, before and after sporting events, and during rush hour were chosen to get the most impressions, earned media, blog posts, and social media shares possible.

big thanks to Seattle's bravest