espresso launch

Starbucks certainly created the market for espresso based drinks, putting lattes within spitting distance of every human on the planet. With a similar footprint, McDonald’s realized the opportunity for their brand. But the challenge was huge, because frankly who would ever believe McD's could make froo-froo coffee comparable to Starbucks. Our insight came from research showing it might be time to poke a stir stick at some of the pretense and preciousness of Starbucks coffee culture. If Starbucks was the snob, McD's could be the friendlier place to grab a quick Americano. And if we can just get them to try it, they’ll believe. This was the campaign that began the “coffee wars.”

one of five finalists worldwide for the Grand Effie

Created in the epicenter of coffee snobbery, Seattle, it exceeded its goals of generating trial and buzz. The program combined out of home, guerilla, broadcast, and online elements to communicate the message at all points on the path to purchase, from broad awareness to point of sale. It was a gold Effie winner and finalist for the Grand Effie, a distinction shared by just four other finalists worldwide.