University of Utah Health
Integrated Brand Campaign

University of Utah Healthcare was recently named the top university-based system in the U.S. As the second largest provider in its market, the institution chose Hey to create a differentiating value proposition and awareness campaign, and to create a new online marketing ecosystem to engage patients and prospects in their web content as well as services such as Virtual Visits – a Skype based platform allowing “virtual” visits between providers and patients.

“There’s Only One You” speaks to personalized medicine, with a subtle nod to the Nobel prize-winning genetic research the University is known for. Our campaign combines awareness media such as TV, out of home/transit and print with digital display and search tactics that deliver a conversion-focused eco system to drive patients to appropriate specialties and clinics.
Using a cost-conscious market wide media plan, the campaign and “one you” achieved unaided awareness of 82%, while the digital display ads have garnered a healthy click through rate of .21% as clinics are experiencing a healthy increase in calls and patient appointments.