Kaiser Family Foundation
& Viacom
AIDS awareness campaign

This campaign was created to shed light on the global HIV/AIDS crisis, and place public pressure on U.S. leaders to do more to stem the tide of the epidemic in the developing world. The misperception among many Americans that AIDS is something that happens to “those other people” was the insight that inspired an idea to try to change minds. Deploying the techniques of documentary research, we set out to find willing subjects to see if we could change their perceptions of the AIDS epidemic, taking our crew to Orange County, CA and as far away as El Salvador.

national Emmy Award for best PSA

This collaborative effort between our clients, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Viacom, along with the efforts of other organizations, set the stage for the U.S. government to commit a record $15 billion to fight the epidemic in developing countries. The campaign won the 2007 national Emmy Award for best PSA.