Northland Communications

Hyper-geotargeted awareness and lead generation campaign

Zeroing in with a relevant offer

Northland Communications provides internet and cable service to rural and college markets across the U.S. High speed internet is often hard to come by in these areas, but Northland’s ever-expanding fiber optic systems provide the kind of speed usually unheard of in these areas. With that in mind, we created a new word to describe the speed: “reallycrazysuperfast.”

Zeroing in on only the zones where Northland was available created a geo targeting challenge. How do you market to people only on the east side of the street where lines are available and not advertise to people who aren’t in the zone? Very specific parameters.

Using Northland’s own geo data as well as third party data we built a database of prospects and lookalikes specifically leaving out businesses and homes where Northland wasn’t available. Pay-per-click SEM was optimized to drive traffic and conversions. Over an eight month period, search traffic more than tripled. Northland’s overall website visits increased by 23% and conversion on the site more than doubled.