Senior Art Director, Digital Advertising, Brand and Content

We’re looking for a creative talent, from the art and design side, immersed in online marketing platforms and social media as well as creative advertising.

A problem solver who will uncover the right solution whether digital, traditional or something never before tried.

Primary focus will be digital marketing campaigns including display banner campaigns and social media, online video as well as branding and traditional advertising forms.

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  • 7+ years senior art director or ACD level experience
  • Understanding and ability to participate in digital strategy development, using data to shape those strategies
  • Visual storyteller for brands.
  • Experience managing designers and production artists
  • Experience overseeing quality in the production phase of work
  • Expertise in concept development for brands
  • Expertise in conceptual campaign thinking and idea generation
  • Experience with programmatic, dynamic display campaigns
  • Experience with video and motion graphics
  • Great at working cross functionally with other departments
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Project Manager, Digital and Integrated Campaigns

This role calls for an individual who can focus on details, being thoroughly “buttoned-down” and on top of all aspects of their projects, while being aware of the bigger picture, work supportively and collaboratively with creative teams, being a great creative partner, quality controller, driving the agency’s business through work and a streamlined process that makes clients want to work with us again and again.

Manage and deliver multiple work streams for various types of digital and traditional communications projects within an account to agreed scope, timings, budget and quality.

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Managing and delivering projects

  • Work with CDs and managers and producers to define project scope, resource requirements and cost estimates for projects
  • Be the hub of communication for internal workflow – managing the schedule, staying in touch with and supporting the creative team in the process
  • Facilitate internal reviews. Set up projects in Workbook to give full visibility but allow the team to collaborate independently
    Create robust and clear SOWs and estimates
  • Produce realistic schedules with clearly flagged milestones
    Maintain documentation of revision rounds and ensure notes are clearly communicated
  • Attend weekly PM Report meeting to inform CCO/PMs what you’re working on, what you need help with, what you’re accomplishing
  • At the start of a project, analyze the areas that could potentially throw the delivery off track, log these risks and list what you plan to do to mitigate against them
  • Be on top of your projects and know timings, key milestones, budgets, resourcing, risks, etc.
  • Take responsibility for the quality of delivered work, including QA processes, proofreading and ensuring both CD and client notes have been addressed
  • Assess the time and financial impact of changes and communicate to clients as appropriate.
  • Be firm but fair in judgement: push back when scope creep or suggested budgets are not realistic whilst understanding the constraints of the client.
  • Understand the workings and needs of the account you are partnered with; have a good understanding of the brands you work on – their definitions, their core characteristics, how they should and shouldn’t behave
  • Understand the key technical aspects of the development process for website delivery, email delivery, online advertising, digital outdoor etc. as appropriate to your client.
  • Be commercially aware: At all times have an idea of the status of the budget of your projects; WIPS should be updated weekly and any variations from budget accounted for and where possible mitigated before they happen.


  • Everything communicates – ensure that all documentation, costings, briefs, scopes and presentations are of the highest possible standard.
  • Be positive and a force for good in the team – even when faced with difficult problems. Be solutions focused.
  • Remain calm and stable under pressure.
  • Know when to delegate upwards and raise the alarm at the right time, to the right people when issues occur.

Relationship building/maintaining

  • Build a partnership relationship with your clients; good rapport here is key to success of both the delivery process and account development.
  • Have great relationships with creative team, so that people want to work with you.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that team members are kept up to date on project developments: changes in timings, costs and any issues arising. Communicate regularly.
  • Never make promises you can’t keep, and always set expectations realistically.
  • Ensure that internal routing and approval and client approvals are obtained on all key project deliverables.
  • Where possible don’t back your client into a corner – clients make mistakes too and are sometimes over-ruled by their bosses. Be sensitive to the pressures they face and work with them, not against them.

Being passionate about advertising and marketing, specifically digital

  • Make it your business to learn as much as possible: reading relevant blogs and articles, attending training sessions, talking to experts and taking an interest generally in what is going on around you.
  • Be plugged in to new trends and developments across the industry and particularly within the client’s sector.
  • Understand the different types of available and emerging media, particularly online, including constraints and opportunities presented by each.
  • Understand what makes a good piece of marketing.
  • Hold the work to high standards of production value and ensure a high level of creativity.

Striving for great work

  • Learn to develop creative and technical judgement and strive for the best work every time. If you don’t think it’s good enough, say why and work with the team to improve on it before it moves on.
  • Ensure you are driving quality at every stage of the project

Software Used

Workbook, Dropbox, Basecamp, Microsoft Office

Profiency in social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.